Culture is a popular and collective expression, an invitation for reflection and celebration, for innovation and memory, an asset which needs to be within everybody’s reach. To this end, La Mercè now has a much greater presence in the neighbourhoods and the city’s network of associations has been strengthened to spread culture all around the city. We’re looking after popular culture, which at the same time lives alongside a new model, based on experimentation and dialogue, taking debate into the streets. Two examples are the Biennale of Thought, a window for philosophy, and the Biennale of City and Science, putting citizens more in touch with scientific research.

  • A successful Biennial of Thought draws large audiences

    Nearly twenty thousand people took part in the sixty-one ‘Open City’ activities.

  • La Mercè in the neighbourhoods

    Shows and picnics beside the Besòs, festive fun in the Parc de la Trinitat and the musical side of La Mercà in Nou Barris.

  • Scientific research takes to the streets with the City and Science Biennale

    Over ninety activities to enjoy science in all the districts.

  • New boost for art factories

    The new model for art factories channels municipal support for cultural talent and creation in the city.

  • Play needs more parks, more leisure, more nature and less pollution

    Children from the city took part in the children’s proclamation, suggesting ways to improve Barcelona and speaking up for play as a right.

  • Llum BCN

    When night comes, Llum BCN makes the talent of Barcelona students and artists from all over shine brightly.