Videos of action and services

Barcelona is a city which acts, which stands up for people’s rights, which promotes a dignified, fair and equal life for all. Discover in video format the projects Barcelona City Council has implemented in the last few years and browse the municipal services available to you here.
  • Barcelona, feminist city

    Barcelona is combatting gender violence and LGBTI-phobia, crying out whenever a woman is murdered. The city has a feminist vision, a commitment to life, putting everyday life and people’s needs at the heart of municipal policies.

    Action by feminism
  • Barcelona against property speculation

    Nobody should have to leave their home or neighbourhood for economic reasons, driven out by property speculation. We’re building more public housing than ever, preventing tourism from taking over neighbourhoods and closing down illegal tourist flats.

    Action against property speculation
  • Barcelona, reception city

    Barcelona is a welcoming city, proud of its diversity and working to ensure people arriving here keep their rights intact and get the help they need. Regularisation and harmony in the neighbourhoods are key factors in taking people in.

    Action as a reception city
  • Barcelona, healthy city

    Air quality is a matter of health and is closely linked with the way people get around the city. Cars and motorbikes account for 80% of pollution and that’s why we need to reduce their use and opt for public transport and bicycle.

    Action for a healthy city
  • Social Rights

    We want a fairer society and to reduce inequalities. Education, health, childcare and care of the elderly are rights. At the same time we’re acting in emergencies, in cases of energy poverty, preventing people from getting utilities cut off.

    Action on social rights
  • Housing

    Housing is a right which everyone is obliged to guarantee. We’re building more public housing than ever, with 30% of privately built homes to have affordable rents. We’re preventing evictions, backing home renovations and defending tenants’ rights.

    Action on housing
  • Mobility

    Getting metro lines 9 and 10 up and running, expanding the bus network and adding more bike lanes all form part of a new approach to mobility. A model which doesn’t pollute, and which makes for a healthier city.

    Action on mobility
  • Neighbourhood Plan

    To reduce inequalities between neighbourhoods we’ve invested 150 million in education, urban planning, the economy and citizen rights in the 16 most vulnerable neighbourhoods, with local residents indicating their needs and the action required.

    Action by the Neighbourhood Plan
  • Urban Transformation

    All the projects to remodel streets, squares and superblocks have meant more space for people and less space for traffic. La Model, Vil·la Urània and Ca l’Alier have all been re-born as facilities for local people.

    Action on urban transformation
  • Memory

    The city’s democratic and popular memory represents heritage which needs preserving and disseminating. We’re remembering all the struggles for democracy, equality and welfare, such as the workers’ movement, anti-fascism and feminism.

    Action on memory
  • Economy and Innovation

    Creating dignified, stable and quality jobs is the way to achieve a fairer and more redistributive city. The main areas of work back technological innovation and a new collaborative, social and local economic model.

    Action on economy and innovation
  • Public Leadership

    Transparency and citizen participation are vital for good governance. Municipal staff levels have also been boosted to improve public services, privatisations have been reversed and the public and metropolitan energy distributor has been set up.

    Action on public leadership
  • Culture

    From popular culture to thinking and innovation. A rich and diverse cultural fabric imbues the city, with La Mercè in the neighbourhoods and biennial thinking events in the streets as part of an experimental model of dialogue and exchange.

    Action on culture
  • 17A City of Peace

    The public response to the attack on 17 August 2017 demonstrated a united, diverse and welcoming Barcelona. Items left in La Rambla by people from all over the world have been kept and catalogued as a sample of condolence and homage.

    Action for 17A