Barcelona, reception city

Nobody is illegal in Barcelona. We’re a welcoming city which takes in new arrivals, protects cultural diversity and works to help everybody achieve maximum autonomy. Municipal social services have provided support for more than 77,000 refugees and migrants since 2015. Helping people get their papers in order, offering job opportunities and ensuring social balance in the neighbourhoods are of primary importance. Given the current humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean, we’re providing support and resources for Proactiva Open Arms and Save the Children to help them carry out their rescue work.

  • Barcelona, safe port

    The boat ‘Open Arms’ arrives in Barcelona with sixty people rescued at sea.

  • A graffiti wall in Mundet to give a voice to those without one

    The mural is part of the Umbral project on migration.

  • New boost for the Office for Non-Discrimination

    New premises are opened for the OND, the municipal service guaranteeing people’s rights and preventing discrimination in the city.

  • Umbral: refuge, criticism and art fill the metro

    Thirteen stations are acting as a space for reflection to stir people’s consciences.

  • Universal Soup Festival 2019

    The festival is a great opportunity for local residents to take to the streets and exchange and share culinary traditions from around the world.

  • Nearly 700 young children take part in Baobab camps

    Now in their third year, these summer camps guarantee the right to recreation in August for children in underprivileged neighbourhoods.