Administrative procedure to deal with? Save time with an appointment

The City Council’s appointment service is a useful tool for booking face-to-face visits to get information or complete administrative formalities at municipal offices. You can book an appointment by internet and choose the day and time slot that suits you best, avoiding queues.

17/10/2019 17:22 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The e-headquarters offers access to all formalities which can be conducted online with Barcelona City Council. These include setting up direct debit payments for annual taxes, prior consultation of building permits and booking appointments. It is not possible to book same-day appointments.

If you’d like to book an appointment with Barcelona City Council there are various offices where you can request one. You can ask for an appointment at any Citizen Help and Information Office (OAC) to get general information and conduct various formalities:

  • Procedures relating to the city’s Municipal Register of Residents.
  • Enquiries relating to taxes, public prices, fines, certificates and claims with the Municipal Tax Office.
  • Building permits.
  • Permits for activity and occupation of public space.
  • Obtention of the Park Güell local resident card and registry with the ‘Gaudir Més’ programme.
  • Urban planning procedures, including licences, certificates and claims.
  • Obtention of the Idcat digital certificate.
  • Presentation and registry of applications for subsidies, awards, grants etc.
  • Presentation and registry of any type of documentation addressed to Barcelona City Council.
  • Presentation and registry of any type of documentation addressed to other public administrations (One-stop shop).

Besides obtaining an appointment for these procedures, the Citizen Help and Information Office in Plaça de Sant Miquel allows you to request appointments for other formalities, such as requesting information on taxes from the Government of Catalonia, the reception and payment of capital transfer tax and the inheritance and gift tax, the issuing of payment letters and certificates and the collection of taxpayer data.

For citizens and businesses

It’s also possible to book an appointment with the Business Support Office. In this case, you can ask for a day and a time slot with the municipal support service to start a business in Barcelona, make enquiries relating to usage plans in the districts, the report on the Special Plan on Tourist Accommodation (PEUAT) or present applications for different city programmes for entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals or businesses.

Appointments can also be made with the Housing Office to apply for grants, the housing rental pool, general advice and information, habitability certificates, protected housing and renovations.

Any appointment already booked can be checked or cancelled if you are unable to go.

You can find the procedure you want to complete, book an appointment or check the procedures agenda at:


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