Agreement for fourteen homes to be used by social inclusion entities

Eleven social inclusion organisations will manage these homes in a building in C/ Encuny, in the neighbourhood of La Marina del Prat Vermell. The City Council acquired the building to add the homes to the public housing stock and make them available to people at risk of social and residential exclusion.

15/10/2019 12:44 h

The period of use for the homes is being extended for a further three years and they will be managed by the entities. All the homes will be used for social inclusion programmes for people in situations of exclusion, who entities are working with towards reinsertion.

The organisations which have signed the agreement are: Associació Benestar i Desenvolupament (ABD), Associació Prohabitatge, Atra Associació, Federació Plataforma d’Entitats de Persones amb Discapacitat del Districte de les Corts, Fundació Esclat Marina, Fundació Institut per la Promoció Social i la Salut (IPSS), Fundació Privada Centre d’Higiene Mental les Corts, Fundació Privada Els Tres Turons, Fundació Privada Ficat, Fundació Sant Pere Claver and Som – Fundació Privada Catalana Tutelar.

The building in Carrer de l’Encuny

Barcelona City Council acquired the building of 114 protected flats at C/ Encuny, 7, in the neighbourhood of La Marina del Prat Vermell at the end of 2018. The building was owned by the entity Proviure CZF Parc d’Habitatges, a company formed by the BBVA (50%) and the Zona Franca Consortium (CZF) (50%). At the time it was purchased there were 56 homes with tenants with current contracts and 58 empty flats. The building also has ground-floor commercial premises and 76 parking spaces.

Since purchasing the building, the City Council has subrogated the 56 existing rental contracts (although one of these homes later became available) and drawn up 34 new contracts, 27 of them corresponding to the Emergency Committee, 6 to special contingents and one for another tenant. The rest of the vacant homes (11 in all) are in the process of being allocated to the Emergency Committee, to general and special contingents, the Inclusion Committee and others affected.


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