Agreement to consolidate the 22@ and adapt it to meet new needs

An agreement has been reached with ERC to consolidate the urban transformation and economic potential of the 22@ area, adapting it to meet new needs. The new roadmap will allow for the roll-out of the agreement signed with stakeholders and local residents to promote new housing, business activity, the revaluation of heritage and urban renewal.

08/07/2020 15:26 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The update to the urban plan for the 22@ will recondition 1,000,000 square metres in this area.

Housing as a priority

  • Reserved land will be doubled, the number of new homes planned rising from the current 5,200 to 9,600, balancing out usage.
  • The value of traditional buildings will be elevated with more homes to be protected, the current prevision of 3,300 rising to 4,500.

Enterprise and innovation

  • 60,000 jobs are to be created with more streamlined procedures to activate the 980,000 square metres for economic activities still to be developed.
  • Backing will be given to the green and circular economy, technology 4.0 and the maker community.​​

Heritage and surroundings

  • The regeneration of the urban landscape, housing and existing activities will be consolidated, revaluated and helped flourish.
  • Backing will be given to new plans to renovate spaces which are obsolete or run down.​

The urban plan will adopt the new roadmap for the 22@ area, to be defined by a working group and presented to the Full Council meeting of July and voted on in September.

The participatory process to re-think the 22@ will be maintained and monitored, ensuring maximum consensus with local people and the stakeholders involved.


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