Agreement to relocate the Escola Entença and the fire station in L’Eixample

The agreement is very important for the city, particularly the district of L’Eixample. The deal unlocks the definitive location of the Escola Entença, which will be on the site in C/ Provença, next to the Hospital Clínic, as well as the district fire station, which will move to the site currently housing a Mercedes dealership, where the streets of Comte d’Urgell, Av. Sarrià and Londres converge.

05/07/2024 13:17 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

New location for the district fire station

The Government Commission has approved an urban planning agreement with the owner of the site currently used as a Mercedes dealership, where the streets of Comte d’Urgell, Av. Sarrià and Londres converge. The deal will enable the fire station currently located in the Parc de Joan Miró to be moved to this site. The agreement means reclassifying the land where the dealership is located and then amending the General Municipal Plan and redefining the plot. During the planning changes, the tendering and start of work, the agreement will allow the car sales office to continue operating on the site. Work is expected to get under way from 2029.

The transfer of the fire station will enable the Parc de Joan Miró to regain the space temporarily used for this facility of 1,964 m2 of surface space.

New location for the Escola Entença

A major agreement has been achieved to enable the site in C/ Provença for two facilities: the Escola Entença, currently housed in some prefabricated modules in La Model awaiting a definitive location, and a healthcare facility linked to the activity of the Hospital Clínic Barcelona – Catalan Health Service.

This operation will need to be firmed up with various procedures and unlocks the future of two facilities which are absolutely necessary for and long sought by the District Office and the Esquerra de l’Eixample neighbourhood. The deal comes after months of negotiations and work by different parties and at different levels to find solutions now the future enlargement of the Hospital Clínic Barcelona is cleared up, with the signature in January of an agreement to build the new Healthcare Campus of the hospital and sports courts for the University of Barcelona.

The goal now is to have a document within six months that guarantees the terms of the agreement, and which details the next steps and planning and urban management needed for the lease of the site for the effective construction of the education and healthcare facilities from 2028.

Multilateral agreement to resolve the future of these facilities

On one hand, the agreement for the definitive location of the Escola Entença follows joint work and the complicity of all the municipal groups on the District Council (Junts, ERC, Barcelona en Comú and PP), who unanimously agreed in February to create a working group with all the political parties from L’Eixample, the Education Consortium and the District Manager’s Office, to work together on a definitive solution for the Escola Entença.

On the other hand, the agreement on the urban transformation of the site delimited by the streets of Londres, Av. Sarrià and Comte d’Urgell, approved by the Government Commission, also enables a definitive site to be found for the district fire station.

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