Agreement with a hundred clinics to cut the cost of dental treatment

The City Council has signed a collaboration agreement with the Business Association of Dental Care Centres (AECAD) to cut the price of dental treatment for vulnerable people at nearly a hundred city clinics. Prices will be 35% below market rates and available to everyone with the Pink Card or the Solidarity Barcelona Card.

28/01/2020 19:27 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The agreement between the AECAD, which is part of the PIMEC business association, and the City Council will be valid until December 2021, with the option of extending it for two more years. The deal requires no financial input from either part as it will be the dental clinics that assume the discount according to the price reduction agreed.

The agreement will benefit the 233,000 Pink Card holders and 33,000 Solidarity Barcelona Card holders. Around 266,000 Barcelona residents in all, some 16% of the city’s population, will therefore be able to access this service.

Holders of either card will be able to choose among the AECAD-affiliated clinics. Dental hygiene treatment will cost a maximum of 18,6 euros for holders of the Solidarity Barcelona Card, free for Pink Card holders and 20 euros for people with the reduced Pink Card. Simple fillings will cost 32, 55 and 35 euros respectively.

Basic need

The agreement is another step forward in the promotion of access to dental care for people in Barcelona who otherwise could not afford it. The proposal comes on top of the free dental service for vulnerable people which was set up in 2018 and has so far provided service for over 1,200 people.


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