Agreement with the CERN to collaborate with the Collide International programme

The goal of the collaboration with the European Lab for Particle Physics (CERN) is to promote research and give visibility to scientific and artistic innovation through the Collide International Award. The alliance is part of the Barcelona Science Plan to disseminate and raise the profile of science.

27/03/2019 15:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This new collaboration for the 2019-2021 period comes in the form of an annual art call for artists of all ages and nationalities to put forward art projects inspired by scientific research and innovation. The award consists of a residency at the CERN and subsequent development at collaborative creation spaces such as the Fabra i Coats. Barcelona is the third city to collaborate with the Collide International programme.

The three-month stay at the CERN, and another month in Barcelona will allow creators to work with local art and science communities and with different cultural programmes with the goal of fostering new artistic expressions, which go beyond traditional disciplines. Educational initiatives will also be developed, based around the relationship between science and art.

The Collide International Award call is now open. Anybody interested in taking part can sign up using the following link:

The Barcelona Science Plan consists of three basic parts: municipal support for research and innovation, the consolidation of Barcelona as a science capital and backing for an urban innovation lab. The plan has provided an extra 2.4 million euros in municipal funding for research and innovation projects for centres in Barcelona and the metropolitan area.


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