All set for Sant Joan

The Canigó Flame will be used to light 27 bonfires around the city. The City Council is taking a series of measures involving the City Police, the Fire Service and municipal cleaning services to ensure the most magical night of the year is also a safe one. Metro services will be operating all through the night.

22/06/2017 18:03 h


Everything is in place for the most magical night of the year, ensuring it is a safe occasion too. Festivities get under way with the arrival of the Canigó Flame in Pl. Sant Jaume, where the city’s eagle and giants will be waiting. After that, representatives from the different neighbourhoods will take the flame away to light the 27 bonfires around the city.

The fountains in Passeig de Gràcia and the twin fountains in Pl. Catalunya will also be adding a touch of colour for Midsummer’s Night, being lit up in yellow and red from when it gets dark through to midnight.

In order to ensure safety during the celebrations, the City Council will be laying on extra services (Fire Service, City Police and cleaning services), responding to different needs as they arise through the night.


Some 52,000 people headed to Barcelona’s beaches for the eve of Sant Joan last year. To help minimise waste, a total of 1,200 cardboard litter bins will be installed, complementing the permanent ones, as well as 84 additional containers. The following day, extra cleaning services mean there will be a total of 308 staff and 51 vehicles in operation to clean the beaches.

There will also be 8 environmental education staff at the Bogatell, Nova Mar Bella and Barceloneta beaches from 11 am to 3 am in the morning, offering advice on the use of fireworks and reminding the public that bonfires, glasses and bottles are all prohibited on the beach.

Fire Service

The Fire Prevention, Extinction and Rescue Service (SPEIS) will also be rolling out special services to respond to citizens’ needs. The city’s firefighters will be carrying out inspection, control and authorisation tasks for fireworks sales points, storage and positioning to ensure safety measures are respected. The service will also be checking bonfire sites to ensure no risks are taken. An information and awareness campaign has also been created, with advice on prevention and the use of fireworks. The Commissioner for Security and Safety, Amadeu Recasens, insisted: “It’s everyone’s responsibility that there are no fires”.

The City Police

The City Police will also be bolstering its services. Officers will be paying particular attention to the city centre, places with greater volumes of people and the beach area (districts of Ciutat Vella and Sant Martí). Extra officers will be on duty in the rest of the city at locations where celebrations are held and bonfires lit. Attention will also be paid to fireworks sales points until they close, checking that sales comply with established requirements. Drink-driving checkpoints will also be stepped up.


As ever for Sant Joan, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) will be operating metro services all through the night on Friday, 23 June.