An exhibition to remember the Hipercor attack

The memorial exhibition ‘La ferida d’Hipercor. Barcelona 1987’ (The Hipercor Wound. Barcelona 1987), has just opened at the Espai Zero at the Fabra i Coats Art factory. The exhibition offers a detailed look at the attack which rocked the entire city 30 years ago and which remains in the minds of people in Barcelona.

15/12/2017 14:23 h


Organised by the Museu d’Història de Barcelona (MUHBA), the exhibition consists of different spaces which cover various aspects of the bombing: the political context, the response from the public, the media impact and in particular, homage to the memory of the victims. The aim is to offer a comprehensive version of all the information so that visitors can draw their own conclusions.

The documentary sources which make up the exhibition are screened onto a combination of blinds to highlight the links between the different topics covered. The accounts from victims and relatives are particularly hard-hitting as not only do they express the physical and moral damage caused by the terrorist attack, but also denounce the way their experiences have been overlooked over all these years.

The exhibition forms part of a programme of acts promoted by the Commissioner for Memory Programmes to show respect towards and remember the victims and their relatives. The programme began in June with a public act in the Parc de Can Dragó.


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