An unstoppable and diverse collective feminist wave

As part of the programme to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, the City Council is joining the feminist call with a campaign illustrating the power of collective struggle to put an end to inequality, discrimination and violence towards women.

01/03/2021 12:21 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Artist Carmen García Huertas conceived the illustration for this year’s municipal campaign for 8 March. The poster shows a big wave symbolising the power behind the message from all women fighting for equality, for a future free of obstacles due to the mere fact of being women, and free of harassment, discrimination and violence.

The campaign is inspired by an anti-sexist Barcelona, next to the sea, open and committed to the defence of everybody’s rights, where the feminist movement has become a diverse and unstoppable collective combative wave.

Sharing care

Achieving equality involves changing ways of thinking and doing things, putting an end to roles and stereotypes which have been rooted in our society for a long time. Responsibility for care of others is an example of this. Care is a vital task for sustaining a society, and yet despite its importance it has always been of secondary importance, with care work undervalued and poorly paid. The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted this precarious reality and its invisibility.

Redressing the feminisation of care work is a central them for the projects being entered for the 35th edition of the 8M Award – Maria Aurèlia Capmany, with the goal of recognising the social importance of care work, the promotion of joint social and community responsibility, the reduction of inequalities and the empowerment and political participation of women.


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