More support to protect immigrant rights in connection with Covid-19

Over two hundred and sixty community organisations, including the highest advisory and participatory body, the Civic Council, have signed up to the manifesto by the Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council (CMIB) calling for the regularisation of those without papers so their rights are guaranteed in the health crisis, and the regularisation of health workers without working permits or validated qualifications.

07/05/2020 13:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Given the reality of many migrants, with a cultural and linguistic diversity which means they need specific adaptation and support, a comunication published early in April calls for a series of measures to address the situation in the spheres of housing and social services and to resolve the irregular situation these people are in.

The communication has received backing from various social movements working in Barcelona and Catalonia, including community associations, trade unions, human rights entities, sports organisations, labour insertion groups, cultural organisations, intercultural and care entities, companies from the social and cooperative economy, public administration bodies and universities.

Forty people have also backed the communication individually, in representation of organisations and the public administration.

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