Nearly 500 migrants attended to by the city’s emergency operation

A fortnight after the activation of the emergency operation coordinated with the Catalan Red Cross, 465 migrants have been provided with temporary accommodation at municipal facilities geared up to address social, legal and healthcare needs in the face of the increase in the arrival of migrants in the summer.

29/06/2018 20:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Since the operation with the Catalan Red Cross was set up, most of those attended to have been adult men from sub-Saharan Africa who made the trip in flimsy craft to reach the coast of Andalusia. They have all been provided with accommodation at two municipal facilities which were made ready to offer 172 places, with priority being given to the most vulnerable, minors, women and anyone suffering from illness.

A total of 200 volunteers and specialist staff from the Red Cross are attending to the migrants to ensure they have a place to sleep, food, clothing and personal hygiene facilities, also offering them psycho-social and legal support and basic orientation.

The two municipal facilities geared up to provide accommodation for people seeking refuge, the Emergency Night Shelter (CANE) and the Social Emergency and Urgent Care Centre (CUESB), will be open throughout July and August to respond to the ongoing arrival of migrants in the summer.

The City Council, the Red Cross and the Government of Catalonia are also looking for other facilities to be able to ensure suitable reception conditions for migrants arriving in the weeks to come.

Shelter for migrants and refugees

In the last few years the arrival of migrants and refugees has been ongoing and is still on the rise. As of May 2018, the Care Service for Immigrants, Emigrants and Refugees (SAIER) had attended to 8,500 people, while the total number of migrants attended to in 2017 was 16,936.


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