Work in progress to improve the Jardins d’Elena Maseras

The work in this inner quadrangle in the Esquerra de l’Eixample neighbourhood will improve garden elements, as well as furniture, paving and drainage in the park. A new automatic watering system will also be installed.

27/09/2023 12:42 h

Districte Eixample

Improvement work in the Jardins d’Elena Masera, in the Esquerra de l’Eixample neighbourhood, began on Wednesday, 27 September. The goal is to create a greener and more accessible space for local people and address the damage caused by usage and the lack of watering.

The work consists of improving the space by renewing the vegetation in the parterres. Existing concrete blocks will be removed and three new garden tubs added in the granite sand area. New vegetation will also be introduced in the form of bush species, while a new automatic watering system will also be installed.

The work is expected to take two months. The gardens will remain open to the public during that time, with the usual opening hours.

The work will cost 120,000 euros and corresponds to the commitment by the city government to revitalise existing inner quadrangles and promote the recovery of new spaces for people to use within the blocks in L’Eixample.

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