Agreement to reduce temporality and inequalities in the labour market

The Barcelona Agreement on Quality Employment 2021-2030 is designed to tackle long-term unemployment, youth unemployment and inequalities in education, precariousness, wage gaps due to area or gender, labour conditions and the assessment of employment policies. Signed by sixty organisations, this is the broadest agreement of this type to date.

19/04/2022 15:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The goals differ to those in 2021, centring on the rollout of urgent measures to tackle the consequence of the pandemic, with various programmes, resources and services, some of which are still in place through Barcelona Activa. One new aspect is that signatories are jointly responsible in taking on the commitment to achieve the goals.

The agreement provides a space for jointly creating employment policies, designed to drive synergies and interaction with companies. Action is planned to provide a boost to self-employment activity, entrepreneurship and the generation of hybrid labour profiles, with backing for companies to play a transformational role in quality employment.

Three strategy areas, a ten-point plan and action in line with the Green Deal

The agreement envisages three strategy areas: equity, innovation and social conciliation, in addition to 12 goals and 38 spheres of action.  These include the promotion of digitalisation, social and territorial cohesion, support to get people into jobs and financial support for subsidies and employment contracts.

The agreement also includes a ten-point plan on quality employment in Barcelona, setting out the basis for developing and executing new policies within the framework of public-private collaboration.

Biannual action plans have been designed to apply the policies of the agreement. The first of these has been developed according to the parameters of competitiveness, sustainability and equity, set out in the Barcelona Green Deal. At the same time, measures will be adopted within the context of Next Generation projects, European Programmes and municipal action in strategic sectors.

To consult documents linked to the promotion of quality employment, click here.


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