Expansion to the CPA Sant Gervasi to provide better support for homeless women

The facility is set to double its capacity to 100 places, in rooms with more privacy, and provide new shower and dining-room services. The work should be ready in July and comes in addition to other measures to prevent homelessness among women.

24/03/2023 13:09 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Sant Gervasi Residential Shelter is to be enlarged, increasing its 700 square metres of space to 3,000 square metres and offering:

  • Rooms with 1 to 4 beds (no bunk-beds).
  • Shower service for 70 people a day.
  • Dining-room service with 100 meals a day.
  • Support for women with pets.
  • Communal activities, garden and therapeutic allotment.

The expansion to the CPA Sant Gervasi comes in addition to the renovation of the CPA Zona Franca, the opening of the La Llavor and La Violeta facilities and the APROP temporary housing unit in Glòries, to provide better support for homeless women.

Since the government measure on the prevention of homelessness among women was approved two years ago, accommodation has been given to 20% more people and the percentage of women achieving the established social goals has risen from 29% to 51%.


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