Hailing the role of women in science and business

Barcelona Activa launched its #GràciesInventores campaign to coincide with 8 March. The initiative stands up for the role of women creators who have traditionally been given no visibility and continues the efforts being made to put an end to the wage gap still suffered by women today. The difference in salaries goes on, despite women’s activity in the city having risen to 75.7% (higher than the averages for Catalonia, Spain and the EU) and the drop in unemployment to 7.7%, the lowest since 2008.

07/03/2020 10:12 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

There’s still plenty of room for improvement though, as various indicators show that labour conditions for women today are still worse than those of their male counterparts:

  • Higher levels of part-time work: 15.8%, compared to 9.8% among men.
  • 59.6% of new part-time contracts in 2019 for women.
  • Average salary 21.1% lower than for men.
  • 29.2% of women earn around 1,000 euros a month (compared to 22.6% of men).
  • Just 3.6% of women workers are directors, with the figure for men almost double (5,6%).

#GràciesInventores (Thank you women inventors)

Today we wouldn’t have computers without Ada Lovelace and her work on the language of programming and data processing. Thanks to Grace Murray Hopper we can understand programming; we’ve got wi-fi and GPS thanks to Hedy Lamarr, and we can read e-books because Ángela Ruiz Robles created a prototype.

Various facilities run by the agency will feature banners for each invention, along with a panel featuring the picture of the inventors, a biographical description and their contributions.

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