Backing for more efficient and sustainable selective waste collection

The Full Council has approved a new waste tax, designed to incentivise selective waste collection and cut the cost of managing its environmental impact. The new tax means nearly three quarters of city households will pay between two and four euros extra on their water bill. Nearly 12,500 homes in vulnerable situations will be exempt, while users of permanent and mobile green points will benefit from reductions of up to 14%.

28/02/2020 16:44 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new by-law complies with Directive 2018/851 of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, obliging cities to improve waste management to protect the environment and their citizens’ health. The European regulation establishes that selective waste collection must account for 55% of the total in 2025; 60% in 2030 and 65% in 2035.

Barcelona’s selective waste collection currently accounts for 38.8%, with a cost of 191 euros per household. If that figure reached 60%, the cost per household would be 163 euros.

The tax will also help speed up processes to cut CO2 emissions generated by rubbish dumps and the final treatment or incineration of waste, which stands at around 10.4% of the total.


The new tax will be applied on water bills, with a series of exemptions and discounts:

  • Most households (73.3%) will pay between 27 and 51 euros a year, equating to between 2,25 and 4,25 euros a month.
  • A total of 12,500 households at risk of energy poverty or vulnerability will be exempt from the new tax.
  • Reduction of 5% per additional household member in homes with recognised entitlement to special billing for their supply of safe water.
  • Reduction of 5% per person officially registered as residing at the address and recognised with a degree of disability equal to or exceeding 75%.
  • Reductions of up to a maximum of 14% in the tax for people using permanent and mobile green points in the city.


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