Barcelona Activa recognised by the UN on four counts for its work during the Covid-19 crisis

The UN has recognised the good practice and solutions of Barcelona Activa in four initiatives applied in labour, social and economic spheres during the health crisis.

20/06/2020 15:56 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

As part of its campaign for action to combat the effects of Covid-19, the UN Global Compact has recognised Barcelona Activa’s contribution to stop the negative effects of the health crisis, provide support for workers and facilitate the continuity of organisations for a swift economic recovery. The decisions recognised by the Global Compact are:

Reduction of the negative impact on business activity

Recognition went to the regulation applied by Barcelona Activa to reduce the negative effects on business activity among companies with current contracts as providers for the public administration during the state of emergency. This has helped:

  • Guarantee continuity for companies supplying essential services.
  • Work to protect the health of workers.
  • Guarantee liquidity and job security for contracted companies, providing compensation for services not carried out and advanced payment for services carried out after the state of emergency, providing the company has not applied to make temporary lay-offs.
  • Maintain more than 60% of non-binding contracts for essential services but which need to be provided remotely.

Digitisation and adaptation of public services

Barcelona Activa has worked to digitise and adapt its services, for instance:

  • Online advice relating to employment, enterprise, companies and entities.
  • Virtual training, with three times more registrations than normal during the state of emergency.
  • Adaptation of labour rights defence points, which have offered more online and phone support to handle requests relating to temporary lay-offs. The service has handled nearly 2,000 requests.

Online advice and vocational training

There was also recognition for keeping thecases d’oficisvocational training workshops running. The service has continued offering advice and follow-up online, helping students to complete their courses without missing content and keeping their daily habits and routines intact. In addition:

  • Training boosted with visual exercises and resources.
  • IT devices loaned to students with fewer resources, to enable them to carry on with their training.

Coordination and manufacture of 300,000 face masks for workers in essential municipal services

Headed by Barcelona Activa, local companies and individuals produced 300,000 face masks for non-healthcare essential services. This collaboration has also helped:

  • Strengthen the local business network.
  • Avoid reliance on markets abroad.
  • Maintain jobs in companies and entities in the textile sector at a time of economic difficulties owing to the lack of demand and halt to consumption.

Award for the IT Academy

Barcelona Activa’s IT Academy has also received recognition in the form of the IP22@, awarded by the 22@Network BCN to give support and visibility to high quality innovative projects.