Barcelona & Partners, the new initiative to attract investment in the city

The creation of the new public-private agency Barcelona & Partners is an initiative for attracting international investment in the city.

17/07/2020 17:06 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The agency has a programme for identifying economic sectors, institutions, businesses, markets, territories, investors, professional profiles and major events which could potentially carry out their activities in Barcelona. Its role will be to develop strategies, programmes and projects to attract these stakeholders, offer them support and make it easier for them to set up in the city and carry out economic activities to transform the area.

The agency was set up in collaboration with Barcelona Global, and although it will initially form part of this association it has been given its own governing rules with the goal of becoming an independent body in three years. The agency will help the city and the metropolitan area to compete with other big cities with similar public-private organisations, such as London & Partners, IAmsterdam, Greater Paris, Invest in Milano and Berlin Partner.

Barcelona & Partners already has the backing of companies such as Banc Sabadell, Fundació Puig, Cuatrecasas, AGBAR and Colonial. Barcelona City Council is the first public institution to join in.

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