Barcelona, the ideal city to enjoy sport without spending money

16/11/2017 16:03 h

Institut Barcelona Esports

Barcelona’s a city where you can enjoy doing sport without having to spend any money at all. The city has a whole range of logistics in place with municipal facilities to let residents enjoy sport without having to open their wallet. Here you’ll find a list of options to enjoy sports for free:

-Running and cycling: Going for a run or riding a bicycle are two of the easiest and most effective options to do sport without having to spend money. That’s probably why they’re two of the most common activities enjoyed by athletes in Barcelona. The city offers no end of possibilities to go running, for example in our many green spaces, parks and circuits where you’ll find mainly runners. The Troba’t B project by Barcelona City Council is a driving force behind these routes. You can check out all the options here. On the other hand, cycling is another great way to get your sweat on and enjoy some physical activity without having to spend a single euro. The best choice is one of the many routes on offer as part of the Ronda Verda green route.

-Gymnastic Circuits: Apart from the different routes for running, you can also enjoy one of the gymnastic circuits throughout the city. There are up to 14 to be found across Barcelona’s districts. These circuits are a fantastic way to do some sport either by themselves or as part of a routine in addition to some running. You’ll find a range of stations where you can exercise different parts of the body. There’s all kinds of equipment such as a bench for sit-ups, pull-up bars and high bars to improve your agility and strengthen your muscles. Check out all the circuits in Barcelona.

-Action sports: The city has 4 urban skateparks.  What’s more, there’s a fifth one under construction in La Marina. These public spaces are fully equipped with plenty of safety measures in place for you to enjoy a skate session or other action sport. In addition, you’ll find different routes and itineraries for skaters throughout the city. Skating is definitely a popular option here.

-Table Tennis: If sports with a ball and paddle are more your cup of tea then this is for you. Apart from running, doing gymnastics or cycling, you can also enjoy sports such as table tennis. Barcelona has about 30 tables throughout the various parks in the city. All you need are two paddles and a ball and you’re ready to have some fun. You can check the map with all the public table tennis tables in the city.

-Beach Volleyball: If you like taking to the sand and having a good time doing sport with your friends, beach volleyball is the option for you. Though it’s a sport that’s normally enjoyed in the summer, in Barcelona you can still enjoy it in the winter months. In fact, all you need is a ball and a group of people who want to join in. On all of the city’s beaches you’ll find at least one net that’s open 365 days a year.

-Sport in the Civic Centres: There are all sorts of activities to be enjoyed in our civic centres. Of course this includes a range of sports. Barcelona has 52 Civic Centres distributed throughout the city’s 10 districts. Most of them offer sports, such as yoga, pilates, capoeira, karate, zumba and more, all great options to get your body moving. If you’d like to take part in these activities, bear in mind you will have to register beforehand and pay a small fee to the Civic Centre in question.

So there you go, a range of options for enjoying sports for free or on a tight budget in Barcelona. You can find out more information on the Barcelona City Council’s Troba’t B site.