Barcelona’s brides-to-be take control

27/04/2015 17:28 h

Susagna Alcón

Various designers with craft workshops offer complete freedom for brides to create the wedding dress of their dreams. Natàlia Maragall, who uses features from the start of the 20th century, and Cristina Tamborero, exhibiting for the first time at Barcelona Bridal week, are two examples.

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The city is currently the world’s focal point for wedding fashion, with two events which demonstrate Barcelona’s potential in this sector. From 28 to 30 April, the Palau Robert presents Barcelona Wedding Week, a meeting for small workshops to show off their work. One example is Natàlia Maragall’s workshop, located in the Pl. Gal·la Placídia.

In her studio, every minute detail of every dress is looked after. With over twenty years of experience the designer is true to the dressmaking profession and creates all her dresses traditionally. Her works also include stitching, embroidery and old fashioned fabrics from the start of the 20th century. “I make pieces which speak for themselves because, by putting together all those elements recuperated from grandmothers’ drawers, every piece is unique and unrepeatable” asserts Maragall.

For the fashion parade she has collaboration from two specialists in handmade works established in Barcelona, Anna Blau Atelier and Natalicoes. She uses their products to create a more vintage feel to her offerings. A classic handmade model can take some 100 man hours to make, with seamstresses, embroiderers and printers all involved. It’s a completely exclusive product for brides-to-be, explains the dressmaker, “When they come here, it’s because they’ve done all the rounds in the wedding fashion industry and they don’t want to feel like they’re a number. They come here and know that I’ll make them the dress of their dreams, that I listen carefully and make what they want, not what I want”.

The world capital for wedding fashion

This same philosophy is shared by Cristina Tamborero, located in Passeig de Gràcia, who will exhibit her work in the fashion parade for the first time at Barcelona Bridal Week. Her dresses are handmade and are all made in her workshop according to each bride-to-be’s criteria. As the designer explains, “Our collection is small, but they can get whatever they want made here. We have 12 dresses, but we can create millions. They are the designers”.

It’s only eight months since she set up completely, and month after month she receives more and more orders. “I always say how lucky I am to have been born in Barcelona, because really, in the bridal sector it’s a very privileged city,” says Tamborero. In fact, Barcelona is one of the world capitals for wedding fashion and the Spanish state has become the second largest international exporter in the industry with 10% of the world’s brides wearing a Spanish made dress.