Barcelona’s got the dot

The .barcelona domain was created as an identifier for all individuals and organisations seeking an online presence associated with the city. The .barcelona marker works in the same way as other domains (.com, .org, .es) and enables users to have a website or an email address.

12/04/2021 14:20 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The .barcelona domain is open to everybody: organisations, businesses, individuals and administrations with a link to the city can all register their domains.

Anybody interested in registering a domain should check its availability, make sure it complies with the conditions of use and that there are no negative effects for third parties, and that it can support content in any language. Domains must be registered using authorised registration companies, which will establish the final sale price according to the services associated with the domain registered.

The benefits obtained by the City Council for managing the .barcelona domain are used to help citizens through different neighbourhood projects to reduce the digital divide.

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