Bicing gets back to normal

The Bicing service was suspended from the declaration of the state of emergency for Covid-19 through until 22 April. Users will get a 70-day extension to their subscriptions for the days the service was inactive. Bicing has recovered 69% of its usual volume of activity since service resumed, with 6,718 new users signing up.

01/06/2020 11:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Since Bicing re-opened, the service has seen usage rise from 3,000 journeys a day to 35,000, representing 69% of its usual activity. May saw 6,718 new users sign up, bringing the overall number to 118,935.

The re-opening of the Bicing service also brought more services with it, with a total 97 new stations to be installed and 1,000 more bicycles added. Sixty-five new stations have so far opened, in neighbourhoods such as La Marina del Prat Vermell, Trinitat Nova and Canyelles, where the service was previously not available.

The Bicing service is applying disinfection and hygiene measures for all stations and bicycles.

  • Handwashing before and after each journey.
  • Use of face masks.
  • Single-use gloves.


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