Building work on 2,400 public homes gets back under way

Barcelona will have nearly 2,400 public flats under construction over the next few months, 83% of which will be for rent by elderly people, young people or others affected by urban changes. The projects represent a municipal investment of 310 million euros, much of which comes from European public bank loans, to facilitate access to decent housing for more than 6,000 people.

02/06/2020 19:19 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The City Council, via the Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation, has started work again on 15 public housing developments which were halted to avoid the spread of Covid-19. At the same time, administrative procedures are also under way again to start 19 other projects, along with another block of temporary APROP local accommodation in Les Glòries.

The projects account for 2,399 public homes in total, 625 of which were already in the construction stage. In addition, invitations to tender will also be published for 1,732 conventional flats and the tendering process prepared for 42 temporary flats (APROP) in the district of Sant Martí.

This package of public housing will enable 6,012 people to access homes with affordable rents, at the same time directly or indirectly generating at least 8,400 jobs.

Details on the different housing projects can be found here.


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