Building work starts on the Mercat de Sant Andreu

30/09/2019 12:12 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Today sees the start of the building of the new Mercat de Sant Andreu, in Plaça del Mercadal. Machinery will be entering the site throughout the week and work will begin on the building project for the Mercat de Sant Andreu de Palomar. The building work is expected to finish towards the end of 2020.

The Councillor for Commerce, Markets, Internal Procedures and the Tax Office, Montserrat Ballarín, has singled out Sant Andreu as “a highly integrated and transparent market, that will complement its outer space and act as a driving force for the surrounding’s commerce. The work is long awaited and needed, and is another example of the Barcelona City Council’s continuing commitment to its markets. 2019 has seen work carried out on 30 of the city’s markets, with the Mercat de Sant Andreu project involving one of the most outstanding remodellings we have been embarking on.“

Sant Andreu was originally created as an open market in the mid-19th century and covered for the first time in 1906. It was expanded in 1914 and surrounded with another, lower perimeter wall. Under the new project, the building will have a transparent glass outer structure, restoring the greater connection there had formerly been between the inside and outside, making the stalls’ commercial activity visible from outside the building. The new market will have 21 food stalls, 1 bar and 5 non-food stalls located in the sales area.

The new Mercat de Sant Andreu

The final Mercat de Sant Andreu building will have a 1,240 m2 floor with a 1,218 m2 underground floor and a 60m2 floor under its roof. The second building, which is located under the arches at Plaça del Mercadal and intended for administration and sales, will have a surface area of 554m2 divided into three floors.

The building’s apparent volume will be reduced, which together with the market’s glass perimeter will provide the facility with great visual transparency. The project will also consider redevelopment work on the area surrounding the market. The market building will have 2 floors: a ground floor and a basement floor and, once the remodelling work has finished, the layout will be as follows:

  • Ground floor (1,240 m2): it will have a space for selling fresh produce (21 stalls)
  • Basement floor -1 (1,218 m2): the market’s logistic areas, intended for storage and refrigeration rooms, another waste-material room connected to the ground floor and facilities.

The Sales Premises, located in a perimeter building, will have the following layout:

  • – Ground floor (370m2): this will include a space for 5 non-food stalls.
  • Floors 1 and 2 (140+140 m2): Intended for offices and a conference room.

Provisional market

The provisional market is currently located on C/ Sant Adrià, between C/ Segre and C/ Otger, some 200 metres from the final market and opposite the Fabra i Coats Complex. Boasting a floor area of roughly 1,230 m2, it houses 18 food and 6 non-food establishments.