Catalan universities show their solidarity with Europe’s refugees

14/10/2015 16:35 h


Universities belonging to the Association of Catalan Public Universities (ACUP) expressed their commitment to working together to help refugees in Europe.

An act at the rectorate building at the University of Barcelona (UB) included the reading of a declaration by the ACUP outlining 10 key points agreed by universities to foster the active involvement of their communities in initiatives for the reception of refugees arriving in Catalonia.

The declaration “Catalan universities refugees” calls on governments and public administrations to take on the moral responsibility of receiving people fleeing from violence, as well as making the validation and official recognition processes for qualifications smoother to ensure access to universities for newcomers.

The act signalled the start of a programme of actions to help refugees by Catalonia’s public universities using the concept of ‘refuge universities’ and including awareness talks on the Syrian conflict, the conditioning of sites and specific services to respond to the needs of refugees and access to academic activities.