Meal services for vulnerable groups boosted by 30%

The various municipal meal programmes have been ramped up to guarantee healthy and balanced diets for vulnerable people who, for various circumstances, may not have access to one. The service has upped its output from 3,700 meals a day to 4,800.

22/03/2020 15:01 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona City Council has boosted its meal programmes for vulnerable groups by 30% since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, providing healthy and balanced meals for users who, for various reasons, may be susceptible to poor nutrition. The services in question are provided by the Meals at Home Service, the Meals in the Company of Others service and municipal soup kitchens. The measure is part of a broader package to ramp up services for those most vulnerable in the city.

During the coronavirus crisis, ready-made meals are packaged for users to consume at home. The home-delivered meals service has gone from serving 1,200 meals a day to 1,550, providing food for those who need support or who can’t prepare their own meals at home. The Meals in the Company of Others service, aimed at senior citizens, has increased its output from 1,000 meals a day to 1,300, but as a precautionary measure users receive the meal only and are not accompanied by people providing the service as they would normally. As for soup kitchens for the homeless, the service has also been bolstered and has upped its output from, 1,500 meals to 1,950.


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