Cynthia’s story: support until finding a job

The Làbora programme provides support for people in vulnerable situations, helping them find work through guidance, training and labour mediation with companies.

15/07/2021 10:52 h

Homera Rosetti

Cynthia arrived from Colombia with two children and started looking for work, but without success. Barcelona’s social services referred her to Làbora, a programme providing job seeking support for people in vulnerable situations and with difficulty accessing the labour market.

With this as their goal, the team of professionals at Làbora helped guide Cynthia by offering her training and registering her in a job pool. During some networking sessions organised by the programme, she contacted various companies and today Cynthia is in work. Discover her story in this video.

The programme helped 1,206 people find work last year, despite the outbreak of Covid-19. Làbora is promoted by Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with the Catalan social action organisation network, ECAS, the Catalan federation of labour insertion companies, FEICAT, and the Catalan Red Cross.

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