Disruptions to L4 and L11 metro services due to work at Trinitat Nova station

Services on the L4 metro line will be interrupted as from 1 July between Via Júlia and Trinitat Nova (until 31 August) and the whole of the L11 line (until mid-September). The goal is to increase the frequency of L4 trains during rush hours and to enable driverless trains to circulate on the whole of the L11 service.

22/06/2021 13:35 h

Ecologia Urbana

From 1 July through to September, the Trinitat Nova station on the L4 and L11 lines will be out of service to allow for modernisation work and improvements currently being implemented by the Catalan government.

Consequently, the L4 service will be interrupted between Via Júlia and Trinitat Nova until 31 August, while the entire L11 service will be interrupted between Trinitat Nova and Cuiàs until 12 September. A special bus service will be laid on while the disruptions last.

Disruptions to service

The execution of the bulk of the work means metro services on these lines must be affected, even though the disruption will be for the shortest possible period and has been scheduled to coincide with the time of the year when there is less urban mobility, reducing the inconvenience to users.

Specifically, the disruptions to services are:

  • From Thursday 1 July to Tuesday 31 August (inclusive): Trinitat Nova L4 terminus station out of service. As a result the Via Júlia station will provisionally act as the end of the line. L3 services from Trinitat Nova and the rest of L4 between Via Júlia and La Pau will operate normally.
  • From Thursday 1 July to Sunday 12 September (inclusive): the entire L11 service (Trinitat Nova – Can Cuiàs) will be out of service. Consequently, the stations of Trinitat Nova, Casa de l’Aigua, Torre Baró / Vallbona, Ciutat Meridiana and Can Cuiàs will be closed.

Shuttle buses

To reduce the possible inconvenience to metro users during the disruptions, shuttle buses will be operating during the same times as the metro and offering the same capacity:

  • From 1 July to 31 August, the special bus service will connect the stations of Via Júlia and Can Cuiàs, covering the closed section of the L4 and the L11.
  • From 1 to 12 September, when only the L11 service will be disrupted. The special bus will change its route and connect Trinitat Nova and Can Cuiàs, stopping at the stations affected.

Other transport options in Nou Barris will be: L3 metro (connecting Trinitat Nova), the regular TMB bus services D50, H2, 62, 76 and 180, covering totally or partially the stations affected, and the Rodalies local train network connecting with Torre Baró.

Before and during the first few days of disruptions to the L4 and L11 services, information staff will be on hand at the stations affected to help people with the best alternative routes available.

Citizens will also get information at the metro stations and via the usual communication channels.

Execution of works

Work has been under way since February to improve the Trinitat Nova station and its manoeuvring area.

The work will enable the operation for L4 and L11 lines to be separated and the movement of trains optimised. The L11 line also provides service to the municipality of Montcada i Reixac.

The goal is to increase the frequency of L4 trains during rush hours and enable driverless trains to be used along the whole of the L11.

Most of the work required will be carried out during the period of disruptions, such as the reconfiguration and renewal of tracks in the manoeuvring area, the extension to the platform and the installation of doors on the L11 platform, the execution of a new emergency exit, changes to the connection between the foyer and the platform to match them to the new layout and the installation of the corresponding signage and safety systems.

All the work is due to be completed in the autumn.



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