Agreement to ensure the continuity of the Gimnàs Sant Pau

In a move to allow the gym to carry on at the same premises, the land is to be purchased for 8 million euros. The goal is to build 36 flats with affordable rents there, to be used by third sector organisations.

01/07/2021 19:05 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

When the work is completed, the City Council will grant the use of the ground floor and the basement in the building to the Gimnàs Sant Pau to continue its social task. The agreement ensures that once the lease ends, 55 years from now, the property, the flats and the gym will become municipally owned.

The company Mediaburn will be tasked with building the homes, which will be run by the Fundació Hàbitat3 and will only accommodate people attended to by the Third Social Sector Board of Entities.

The operation ensures the twofold goal of boosting the stock of affordable rental housing in the city and enabling the gym to continue its activity at the same location.

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