More spaces to walk, run and play in!

For a more sustainable mobility, a more human city: we need more square metres for people, regaining public space monopolised until now by cars. We’re creating new spaces for people in Barcelona with agile and cost-effective measures.

22/06/2021 17:19 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

When citizens are walking and they see the city’s ‘panot’ paving logo painted on the road surface, they know they can use this area without any problems and make the most of these spaces, which are now for use by pedestrians and not just motor vehicles.

In contrast, people on bikes or hand scooters must use the areas specially for wheeled vehicles, including more than 240 bike lanes kilometres in the city and streets with 30 km/h speed limits.

Visit the tactical urban planning website to discover where, why and how these transformations are being applied in the city.

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