The LGBTI Centre joins in with the local festival in Sant Antoni with a full programme of activities

Festivities as a way of standing up for a cause and giving visibility to artists who make dissidence their natural habitat. The LGBTI Centre is joining in with the summer edition of the local festival in Sant Antoni with a summer festival at the LGBTI Centre. This artistic project is set to fill the centre in C/ Comte Borrell with music and colour again on Saturday, 10 July, from 11 am to 10 pm.

06/07/2021 08:34 h

Alan Cabañas

Curated by Sarai García Cumplido and Esther Marquina González, the programme once again seeks to offer an intergenerational showcase for all audiences, with different artists highlighting sexual and gender diversity through music, visual arts and various types of performances.

The various activities have been designed in line with the current health restrictions. This means the event adopts a small format, with limited audience capacities and contact kept to a minimum. To attend, members of the public need to register in advance. Access to the centre and the outside stage will only be allowed for those who book.

The new programme kicks off with families. The function room at the LGBTI Centre will be the scene for Viatgera (11 am), an activity for all audiences based on the story of an elderly woman who reflects on life’s essential values by moving away from the passive roles and care associated with senior citizens.

Straight after this, Bea Fernández and DJ Äadrik will be transporting young and old to Microclimes fluor, a space for working on the imagination and the emotions to the rhythm of music.

Activities resume at 5 pm in the main hall, with Totes les deïtats dels plaers aprecien els nostres himnes, a hybrid session between live arts and guided meditation by Verushka Sirit & Clara Piazuelo.

Artists Guillem Mont de Palol and Jorge Dutor will also be part of festivities, with Les coses de l’amor (6 pm), a recital which questions all forms of love and affective expression. The session does this through the romantic songs of artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Manuel López-Quiroga, Ana Gabriel and Vicky Carr.

Indoor activities at the LGBTI Centre conclude with two interconnected artistic installations. Moure’s és una tempesta and Symphony of the seas (7.15 – 8 pm). DJ Xols and Xavi Manubens, respectively, will be inviting us to techno party at a distance and to research trans relationships*.

Queer art, transvestites and music in the street

The usual stage in C/ Comte Borrell is set to fill with colour and fun. Activities start with the Matinal Queer (12 noon to 2 pm), a section where those attending can enjoy a live session by the artist PABS, who will be creating a large mural on the façade of the centre, specially designed for the occasion. The activity will be accompanied by music from Guache DJ, with a selection of salsa, funk, disco, ragga and trap. Finally, Bea Fernández and Äadrik will transfer the Microlimes fluor kids activity to the stage, to share it with everyone attending.

Some of people from Flamenco Queer will be tasked with opening the afternoon activities, which start at 5.30 pm. The cantaora Lidia Mora will be joined by the bailaor Rubén Heras and the guitarist Jero Férec. They will be followed by the transvestites Norma Mor and Ken Pollet. These two will be tasked with staging Les criatures d’un bestiari excitat, a show resulting from the drag workshop organised by the LGBTI Centre within the LGBTI Museums cycle in June.

At 8 pm it’s the turn of LUNA KI, one of the most original urban pop artists on the current scene. Since launching her career in 2019, she has provided an ideological and aesthetic shift which gives a voice to a new generation. The festivities conclude with a session by Hidrogenesse (‘DJ Set’) from 9.15 pm to 10 pm. The electronic duo of Carlos Ballesteros and Genís Segarra round off the programme be playing a selection of hits from all eras.

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