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Barcelona City Council is marking this year’s International Women’s Day with the slogan “Breaking the glass ceiling”, to combat the segregation which prevents women from accessing positions of responsibility in the professional sphere and which sustains gender stereotypes and traditional models. Barcelona will be marking the occasion in full, with numerous activities all around the city: themed cycles, lectures, workshops, concerts and more.

27/02/2024 11:36 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

These are the main events being organised in each district, but you can find a variety of activities for all types of audiences on the 8M website.

Ceremony: Lighting up the façade of the district office in purple to mark International Women’s Day
Date: 8 March, from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm
Place: District Office, Plaça de Vicenç Martorell

Ceremony: Feminist waves: from origins to the present. Reading of the manifesto, performance and round table
Date: 15 March, from 6 pm to 8 pm
Place: Plenary chamber at the District Office, Plaça Major

Ceremony: Discussion about the glass ceiling
Date: 7 March, from 6 pm to 8.30 pm
Place: Centre Cívic Casa Groga

Ceremony: Reading of the manifesto and fair for women’s organisations
Date: 9 March, at 6 pm
Place: Plaça del Consell de la Vila

Ceremony: Round table “Glass ceiling and sticky floor. Women’s world of work”
Date: 5 March, at 6 pm
Place: Centre Cívic Tomasa Cuevas – Les Corts

Ceremony: Lighting up the façade of the district office
Date: 8 March, from 6.30 pm to 10 pm
Place: Plaça de Comas

Ceremony: Round table with the slogan “Sport also has a woman’s name”, with the speaker Judith Solanas and various women directors and sportswomen from Gràcia. Concludes with a women’s water polo match
Date: 7 March at 6.30 pm
Place: Can Toda municipal sports centre

Ceremony: Women’s circle by the Fundació Aroa, institutional speeches and the 8M manifesto, choral performance #metoo, by Dona Cançó, social dance display for integration with Descaballadas and Punt Lila Eixample to introduce organisations and services
Date: 9 March, from 11 am to 2 pm
Place: Casa Elizalde courtyard, C/ València, 302

Ceremony: Breaking the glass ceiling
Date: 6 March, at 6 pm
Place: Plaça del Mercat del Clot

Ceremony: Reading of the manifesto, round table “Women’s voices” and graphic performance by a resident artist from the Fabra i Coats art factory. Presented by the comedian Vanessa Lokiu
Date: Tuesday, 5 March, at 6 pm
Place: Espai Bota at the Fabra i Coats

Facilities and organisations in the district are marking International Women’s Day with fifty cultural and community activities from February through to April. Find them all here.



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