The new Parc de l’Aqüeducte a Ciutat Meridiana: 12,000m2 for strolling, playing and doing sport

Local people in the neighbourhood of Ciutat Meridiana can now stroll, play and do sport in the new Parc de l’Aqüeducte. The former neighbourhood football pitch has been transformed to create 12,260 square metres of greenery, areas to relax in, children’s play areas and sports facilities for people of all ages. The remodelling project was part of the Neighbourhood Plan and was developed with input from local residents.

18/06/2021 13:40 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new park opens up a large accessible space connected to the Collserola mountain range and the natural surroundings in the area, without any physical barriers and no need to climb steps to go for a stroll. The route around the park includes different areas where people can relax and chat to friends and neighbours.

Space and games for children!

The park includes three terraces with slides and other play elements for children, with an open design meaning children can run while they play.

Health activity for all ages!

A sports court with a stand will provide a 7-a-side football pitch and can be used to host events in the neighbourhood. In addition, the new Parc de l’Aqüeducte includes a basketball court, a gym area with apparatus for elderly people and eight petanque courts.

Lighting to make the aqueduct stand out

The aqueduct has new lighting which can simulate the flow of water and highlight the arches.

The lighting highlights the beauty of the architectural elements, built at the end of the 19th century to supply the city with water from the Ripoll and Caldes riverbeds.

Transformation guided by local people

The remodelling project to turn the former football pitch in Ciutat Meridiana into the new park was part of the Zona Nord Neighbourhood Plan and was developed with local residents.


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