Greater flexibility for the usage plan for Gran de Sant Andreu

The Full Council has approved the amendment to the plan in response to demands from local residents, shops and businesses. The goal is to maintain a balance of activities.

23/02/2024 12:33 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The changes include simplifying the conditions for setting up regulated activities and doing away with the restrictions on food specialists and bike rentals.

The amendment comes after four years of the usage plan in place and following the consolidation of the reurbanised street that prompted the new regulations.

The activities regulated with other municipal plans during this time, such as gaming arcades and businesses selling ready-made meals, have been removed from the document.

The plan applies to premises on plots with façades in C/ Gran de Sant Andreu, between Pg. Santa Coloma and C/ Rovira i Virgili, in C/ Mercat, Pl. Comerç and Pl. Mercadal.

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