Usage plan updated for Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu

With the street remodelled, the urban plan regulating the opening of shops and businesses has been revised to simplify conditions and do away with some restrictions. The regulation aims to protect shops in the neighbourhood, the interests of local people and the balance between activities.

02/04/2023 09:50 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The update to the usage plan includes:

  • More space allowed for shops selling non-foodstuffs.
  • Inclusion of business selling, renting or repairing bicycles, along with ice-cream parlours and businesses selling horchata with tastings, and specialist food shops.
  • Adaptation of the new special urban plan for tourist accommodation to the requisites for new hotels and tourist lets.
  • Elimination of amusement arcades, bingo halls, casinos and premises selling ready-made meals, as these are already regulated by specific citywide plans.

The plan affects shops and businesses giving onto C/ Sant Andreu, between Pg. Santa Coloma and C/ Rovira i Virgili, as well as C/ Mercat, Pl. Comerç and Pl. Mercadal.


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