Dog and cat adoptions resume by appointment at the Pet Shelter

The adoption service operated by the Barcelona Pet Shelter (CAACB) has restarted using an appointment system and with its capacity limited to 30%. During the Covid-19 crisis there has been no sign of an increase in abandoned animals. The CAACB is deemed an essential service and has guaranteed the well-being of animals in its care, the collection of lost or abandoned animals and support for vulnerable people admitted to hospital.

16/06/2020 13:48 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The priority for the CAACB is the well-being of cats and dogs which reach the centre as they have been lost, abandoned or confiscated for safety reasons, as well as the promotion of responsible ownership, zero abandonments and the adoption of pets.

What services are operating?

  • Access to the centre with an appointment and capacity limited to 30%.
  • Care and well-being of animals at the centre.
  • Collection of cats and dogs lost or abandoned.
  • Network of shelter homes.
  • Collection and return of animals to the homes of the over-65s.
  • External surgery, repeat vaccinations and medical checks with appointments.

Opening hours will be longer and capacity increased to 50% in stage 3 of the lockdown exit process, with dog-walking also possible in the areas farthest from the centre.

Want to adopt a dog or a cat?

Most of the 2,000 animals which are lost or abandoned in the city every year are looked after by the CAACB. If you’d like to adopt one, or you’d like to be a volunteer at the centre, find out how by visiting the animal welfare website.

Remember, pets are living beings which need affection and care throughout their whole lives.


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