The municipal B-INCOME project wins an award for innovation in politics 2024

The City Council’s comprehensive initiative to combat poverty, combining financial support with active social and labour inclusion policies, gains recognition in the local development category.

03/05/2024 11:10 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The B-INCOME project was aimed at vulnerable city households located in the neighbourhoods around the Besòs and was jointly funded by the European Union’s Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) programme.

Besides a monetary transfer, known as Municipal Inclusion Support (SMI), the initiative added four active social and labour inclusion policies. The combination of these policies aimed to create an ecosystem that would help participating households to cover their basic needs and gain greater autonomy and decision-making power in their lives.

The Awards for Innovation in Politics are organised by The Innovation in Politics Institute, which is represented in 15 European countries and has the goal of identifying, developing and applying policy improvements and facilitating the exchange of good practice between borders.

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