European cities unite for the right to housing

Barcelona, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and other major European cities are calling for more resources and powers from the European Union and member states to be able to stand up for the right to adequate housing for everyone, within the framework of the Housing for All conference being held in Vienna.

04/12/2018 17:39 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The European cities which are signatories of the municipally-driven ‘Cities for adequate housing’ declaration are meeting at the Housing for All conference in Vienna and have called on the European Union to take responsibility over housing and offer solutions to protect the right to a dignified and adequate home.

Property speculation and gentrification are common issues which affect all global cities. Barcelona, Vienna, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Paris, Bologna and Berlin are calling for more powers and an EU-wide legal framework to enable the expulsion of inhabitants from their neighbourhoods to be kept in check. Rises in rents and the lack of affordable housing are destroying local networks and communities rooted in the city, worsening social and residential exclusion.

In order to guarantee the right to housing and the right to the city, municipal governments are seeking more resources to extend public housing stocks evenly around their territories, foster alliances between the public sector and private housing operators and promote the joint production of innovative solutions to build affordable housing. The goal is to design and implement a fairer, more compact and sustainable city model.

The conference in Vienna is a prelude to a meeting between mayors in Brussels in March 2019, when the upcoming European elections should provide a context to achieve solid commitments.


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