Final stage for work on the Glòries tunnels, with 85% of the project completed

Work on the road tunnels under Plaça de les Glòries is now 85% complete. The tunnel in the direction of the Besòs river is due to come into service in September, with the tunnel in the direction of the Llobregat to follow at the end of the year. The completion of work will enable traffic to be shifted below ground and more progress made on extending the park.

22/04/2021 16:06 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The road tunnels under Plaça de les Glòries follow the route of the Gran Via, between C/ Los Castillejos and Rambla del Poblenou, enabling traffic in this section to be transferred below ground.

What are the benefits?

  • Surface space regained for use by local people.
  • More greenery, with the expansion of the Parc de la Plaça.
  • Less pollution and less noise.
  • Priority for sustainable mobility.

The tunnels are now 85% complete, with the following work remaining:

  • Civil work: paving and finalisation of interior walls and pavements.
  • Installations: machine rooms, water supply in case of fire, cabling and emergency exits

Colossal project

The magnitude and complexity of the project has seen more than a million working hours go into it so far, creating two one-kilometre tunnels, 25 metres below ground at the deepest point.

In all, the tunnels involved the construction of 25,000 concrete columns, with 25,000 cubic metres of water pumped every day to enable work to be carried out.

Future of the square

Once the road tunnels become operative, work can then be completed to turn the Parc de la Plaça into a major green lung for the city.

So far, city residents have access to the 20,400 square metres in the Canòpia area, while work is under way in the northern section, with housing and facilities, and approval has been granted for the transformation of the Canòpia – Àmbit Tramvia, where the public transport interchange will be located.


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