First invitation to tender for a housing block on the Casernes de Sant Andreu site

The Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation (IMHAB) is inviting tenders for the construction of a block of adapted flats for the elderly on the site of the former barracks known as the Casernes de Sant Andreu. The project for 152 flats and ground floor premises will include an annex for the youth centre Espai Jove Jaume Olle. Two other blocks of over 144 publicly owned flats will also go on the site and will be put out to tender in the first quarter of 2020.

13/12/2019 17:18 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Thirteen years after the first agreements and municipal commitments over the future of the former barracks in Sant Andreu, work on the first public homes and facilities will now be a reality, with building C. The block will go on the part of the site along the future street of C/ Antoni Santiburco, between Pg. Torres i Bages and the park of the same name.

The project is by the architect Josep Llinàs and consists of 152 homes with services for senior citizens and premises of 1,200 square metres for the Jaume Olle youth centre, the first victim of the Spanish Civil War in Sant Andreu de Palomar. The centre has been designed with the participation of young people from the local neighbourhoods ofSant Andreu, Trinitat Vella and Baró de Viver.  The timetable is for work to start in June 2020 and conclude before 2022.

Two blocks with 144 publicly owned homes

The work on building C will not be the only development as preparations are under way to tender two more blocks of public housing on the site, which will be speeded up in the first quarter of 2020. Building A will have 84 flats with social rents and be located in C/ Víctor Colomer, while building J will be located in C/ Fernando Pessoa and have 60 rental flats for young people.

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