Flexible tax collection to guarantee the liquidity of families, businesses and the self-employed

The creation of the Tax Support and Advice Office is the first measure of the shock plan being implemented to reduce the effects the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the city. The plan will allow for the postponement and compensation of municipal taxes for the use of public space.

17/03/2020 11:58 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Once it is up and running, one of the goals of the office is to offer personalised plans providing payment terms for municipal taxes. The plans will adapt to the reality of each company, to entrepreneurs and individuals.

This first package of measures has been developed through constant dialogue with the city’s social and economic stakeholders and will be expanded as the situation evolves.

Measures to strengthen commerce, the restaurant sector and tourism

  • Waste disposal tax. Exemption for shops, restaurants and bars, the self-employed and companies closed to the public during the state of emergency declared by the government.
  • Tax on terraces. Rebates for all establishments affected for days closed and which haven’t been able to carry out their activity. For payments already made there will be pro-rata refunds.
  • Changes to licences. A second stage will study the possibility of restaurant businesses being able to adapt the demand for public spaces according to real needs, given the drop in consumption.
  • Tax on Overnight Stays in Tourist Accommodation (IEET). Payment deferred until September.

Measures relating to mobility

  • Postponement of the start of fines for the low emission zone. Fines were to apply as from 1 April, but this has been temporarily postponed. The information stage, in place since 1 January, continues for the time being.
  • Green and blue parking area. No fines will be given in regulated parking areas with the state f emergency is in place.
  • Priority for loading and unloading. Vehicles distributing food will be able to park close to markets and supermarkets, under conditions similar to those which apply at night.

Public contracts guaranteed

A decree will be developed to guarantee the continuity of all public contracts and compensate those unable to provide contracted services, providing that their workforce is maintained and there are no unagreed lay-offs.

More resources to tackle COVID-19 and its effects

The state government is being urged to amend the law on budgetary stability so that the municipal budget surplus can be used to help combat the pandemic and its effects. Another legislative change is being proposed so that spending by local entities can be financed through budgetary carryover.

What tax payments can be postponed?

Periods for payments, appeals and rebate applications for ALL municipal taxes are being extended while the state of emergency lasts.

Does that mean taxes will not be collected?

No. Taxes will have to be paid, but payment can be deferred by prior request, with no interest or surcharges for the whole of 2020.

Personalised tax payment plans and instalments are also being offered to each citizen and company, adapting to their own particular circumstances.

How can I contact the Tax Support and Advice Office?

An information campaign will soon be running to explain how the agency can be contacted and detail the various services offered.


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