Ground-floor premises census reflects the vitality of the city’s commerce

Commerce in Barcelona is growing and becoming stronger, according to the 2019 census of shop premises, which offers an analysis of commercial activity in the city for the third time. The number of ground-floor premises carrying out an activity is up to 61,558, some 1,293 (2.15%) more than in 2016, while the percentage of empty premises is down from 6% to 4%.

02/03/2020 18:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The structure of the city’s commercial fabric remains stable, with a high density (nearly four establishments per hundred inhabitants and fifteen establishments per hectare), stable rotation, solid occupancy and a highly diverse range of shops and businesses.

The services sector remains a heavyweight within the city’s commercial make-up, accounting of more than half of establishments (54.2%). Restaurants, bars, ice-cream parlours, hotels and other accommodation services represent the main activity of 18% of commercial premises in the city, with 36.1% devoted to various other services such as financial services, estate agents, cultural activities, recreation, education and the repair of objects.

At the same time, one in three establishments (35.8%) are devoted to retail, with the non-food sector accounting for significantly more shops than the food sector (23% and 12.8% respectively).

The other 9.9% of premises are devoted to other activities, such as sports facilities, religious facilities and administrative centres, or have industrial or construction uses etc.

The compilation of the census featured improvements which enabled it to detect more premises, whether active or inactive or about which their usage or status is unknown, offering a first step towards a comprehensive information system for the city to develop a regulated and updated database on ground-floor premises. Data crossing using new sources of information and new technologies will allow for a more detailed and reliable classification of the activity of ground-floor premises in the city.

Full information on the 2019 census of commercial premises is available here.


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