Gymnastics, skating and multisport, outstanding activities from the CEEB

19/04/2018 12:34 h

Institut Barcelona Esports

The Barcelona School Sports Council (CEEB) is organising a variety of activities in the city over a good part of the year’s weekends, in addition to the usual collective sports leagues. Here’s the lowdown on them:

Artistic gymnastics gathering (21/04)

The Trobada de gimnàstica artística [artistic gymnastics gathering], the first to be held this school year, will a get-together space where the various participating associations will be able to take advantage of the best settings for displaying the work they have been doing with beginner gymnasts throughout the season. The event will see the various groups performing floor, bar and jump exercises. That way it will be promoting the pursuit of artistic gymnastic sports among the city’s children and young people. The activity will be held at the CEM La Mar Bella.

1st BCN Skate League Day (21/04)

Second year running of Barcelona’s Skate League. The first of the six days making up the league being held at the Parc Esportiu Urbà de les Corts. The league includes 3 categories: beginners, women’s open and men’s open, who will be performing exercises and acrobatics with commentaries by a speaker and given scores by judges. The activity is being jointly organised by the CEEB, the FEEB, the APC Les Corts and the Espai JoveCardí.

4th Multisport Day (22/04)

The latest multisport get-together from the CEEB is coming to the CEM La Mar Bella on Sunday, 22 April. All parents and participating primary-school students who wish to enjoy an intense combination of sports disciplines with be able to take part in the fourth get-together of this season.  A get-together that will be promoting sport with the family for the first time. There will be walking, football and touchball.