Half of vehicles without DGT badges out of circulation in the city

Around 40,000 vehicles without the DGT environmental rating badge have stopped circulating in the city since the low emission zone was set up. The reduction in the most pollutant vehicles means NOx emissions are down by 684 tonnes, a 19% drop compared to 2017.

05/02/2020 15:21 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Vehicles circulating in Barcelona without the DGT environmental rating badge are now estimated to account for between 7% and 9% of traffic in the city. The data comes from the low emission zone cameras in operation during the first month. These vehicles represented 20% of traffic in 2017. The drop (40,000 fewer vehicles in circulation in the city) equates to a 19% drop in NOx, emissions, some 684 tonnes in all.

Barcelona City Council has set up an expert committee to monitor emissions and air quality in the city by evaluating the low emission zone every six months. The evaluation is accompanied by an interactive pollution map, which can be freely viewed on the air quality website. The map will offer up-to-date information on each street section based on specific measures at the Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring and Forecasting Network stations located around the city.


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