Home-delivered food hampers for vulnerable people in the city

The campaign ‘Cistella contra la Covid-19’ will move 220 tonnes of food, helping senior citizens, people with chronic illnesses and patients isolating due to Covid-19 to avoid going out shopping and thus reducing the risk of infection. The hampers will also include healthcare recommendations.

21/04/2020 16:55 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This week sees the start of an operation to distribute 20,000 hampers with food products, information on municipal services in relation to Covid-19, healthcare recommendations and services offering food sales and home deliveries in each neighbourhood. The packages will be sent to the over-70s, people with chronic illnesses and people isolating with Covid-19.

Those who get the hamper have been identified via a phone survey and monitoring processes by primary healthcare centres and municipal social services, as well as entities for people with illnesses. The initiative prioritises people with no family network or neighbours who can do their shopping for them.

The hampers contain dried pasta, soup, rice, tomato sauce, fresh fruit and vegetables, pate, biscuits, chocolate spread, dried fruit, fruit juices, milk, vegetable-based drinks and yoghurts.

Joint non-profit action by volunteers, administrations and companies

The initiative is being coordinated by the City Council, the Ministry of Health at the Government of Catalonia and the sports marketing company Line Sport.

The food companies which have donated packaged foods are Pastas Gallo, Idilia Foods, Grupo Adam Foods, Nestlé, Hero España, Danone, bonÀrea Agrupa, Arroz SOS, Liquats Vegetals, Llet Nostra and PepsiCo.

Mercabarna and two cooperatives from the Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat, the Cooperativa Agrària del Prat de Llobregat and the Santboiana, have contributed with seasonal local fruit and vegetables. The Cooperative TEB is also collaborating with the project by packaging the fresh produce. Packaging Cluster has provided the 20,000 boxes and materials needed to put the hampers together.

The food is being distributed by the postal service, which is bearing the delivery costs and has its own team of volunteers.

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