How to get in touch with Barcelona City Council

There are various ways for submitting queries, suggestions and complaints, as well as alerting municipal services about issues or incidents in public spaces. Here we outline the most suitable ways for you to get in touch with Barcelona City Council, depending on the situation, emergency, type of query or the department you want to contact.

04/09/2019 14:14 h

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Need to start a procedure?

Many municipal procedures can be started or even conducted from start to finish via internet. Full information can be found on the procedures website.

You can also the free telephone number 010 (931 537 010 for callers outside Barcelona), which offers information on facilities, events and services in the metropolitan sphere, as well as allowing users to carry out procedures, manage tax affairs and request appointments at Citizen Help and Information Offices.

Want to make a complaint or report an incident with a municipal service?

We recommend you use a specific form to do this. In the complaints and suggestions section you’ll find various categories to choose from which match your situation best and which will direct you straight to the relevant department. For instance, there are categories on issues with road surfaces, trees, cleanliness, noise in streets etc.

You can also report any incident you detect in the city using the citizen postbox mobile app. It’s easy to use and allows users to check on the status of reported incidents and how they are resolved.

If you prefer the telephone, the civic behaviour phone line (freephone 900 226 226) deals exclusively with complaints and suggestions relating to cleaning services, maintenance and the control of public space.

If you detect bad practice by Barcelona City Council and can provide evidence, the ethical and good governance mailbox guarantees confidentiality and anonymity. You can get your case looked into and prompt action to improve public sector integrity, check on communications using a secure channel and speak to the body which handles the mailbox, which operates independently.

Want to contact theMayor?

You can contact the Mayor, Ada Colau, by filling in this form or writing to

What are the emergency phone numbers in Barcelona?

  • 112: Emergency Services
  • 061: CatSalut Respon (urgent medical queries)
  • 080: Fire Services
  • 092: City Police
  • 091: National Police

Need assistance in person?

There are 13 citizen help and information offices, with at least one in each city district. They are comprehensive information points, where you can carry out procedures relating to the municipal residents register, city tax affairs, pet ownership and more. You can also register the submission of application forms. The easiest way to use this service is to request an appointment by internet or by calling 010.

You can also use specialised offices, such as housing offices, energy advice points, women’s support and information points and licence and inspection departments.

Information and queries

You can request information and make enquiries about the functioning of the city or about municipal services using this search tool. Alternatively, you can call 010.

If you want to keep abreast of municipal affairs and what’s going on in the city, we recommend you follow the municipal social media networks, subscribe to the various newsletters and visit the news website Info Barcelona.


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