Integrated management to avoid wastewater leakage when it rains

The goal of the European LIFE iBATHWATER pilot project to be run in the city is to cut non-treated wastewater leakage by 30 per cent and reduce the environmental impact when it rains heavily.

28/08/2018 15:15 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Between now and 2021 the pilot scheme will roll out a new integrated system for managing the city’s sewers and cutting the environmental impact for the beaches when heavy rainfall means the volume of water exceeds the drainage capacity of the sewers or the treatment plant. This situation can lead to wastewater leakage in bathing areas, posing a health risk.

The new system will enable microbiological water checks in real time in order to improve quality, as well as applying analysis tools to minimise health risks.

The European LIFE iBATHWATER project is part of the LIFE environmental programme run by the EU and will be implemented simultaneously in Barcelona and Berlin. The project is headed by the Eurecat technological centre, with collaboration from Barcelona City Council, ADASA Sistemas, Barcelona Water Cycle, and the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water.

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